1. What is Storipot?
  2. Storipot is a News aggregator that provides you with headlines of the latest stories (“Feeds”) curated from websites and blogs by or about Uganda.
  3. How do I use Storipot?
  4. You can use Storipot to discover and read great Ugandan blog by simply visiting Storipot website (www.storipot.com) or following us on Facebook or Twitter.
  5. I'm a blogger, why should I submit my blog to Storipot?
    1. Having your blog on Storipot has several advantages. Your readers can easily keep track of new interesting content you post on your blog the moment you do.
    2. Also, you increase your readership since more people will come to discover your blog from Storipot which already has a wide audience.
    3. More so, users can easily share your posts that are curated from Storipot with their networks on social media.
    4. Access a community of Ugandan bloggers to share experiences with and grow your craft.
  6. How can I add my blog?

    Simply follow this link www.storipot.com/submit.

  7. How can I remove my Blog?

    There’s no reason for you to remove your blog from Storipot since it helps your readers keep track of content from your blog. However, should you want to remove your blog from our database for whatever reason, please send email to editorial@dignited.com or use the contact us form with the subject line “remove my blog from Storipot”. It'll take us some time(about a week) to effect the changes. 

  8. What is RSS?

    RSS (Rich Site Summary) is a format for delivering regularly changing web content. It's the web technology that Storipot uses to automatically curate the latest stories from its large database of content sources. You can read more here.

  9. Why is my blog not appearing even after I submitted it? 

    The most common reasons your blog or website doesn’t appear on the Story aggregator are;

  • There’s an error reading your blog feed. Double check on your blog details from the blog directory
  • We don’t know your website yet! Therefore submit your site here.
  • The site has not been updated recently or on a regular basis.
  • You do not have enough original content.We have a strict policy on original content. Storipot only curates those sites that publish original content that they have copyright to. 
  • The general quality of the site does not meet our minimum standards.
  • The site is primarily promoting a business or a specific organization. 
  • There is no appropriate Storipot topic or category we can list your site in (just yet)
  • The site is not in English.