About Storipot

Storipot is Uganda News and blog reader that helps you keep track of local stories from Newspapers, news sites and blogs. 

Storipot helps you filter through the noise of today’s vast information by bringing to surface a summary of the day's most important stories on a single page.

We are currently doing this through clever computer algorithms that routinely crawl through our large database of more than 250(as of launch) Ugandan content sources. We analyze and gauge all this content to bring you the most compelling content on the web from Uganda.

However, with the understanding that nothing beats the human judgement, Storipot also employs human editorial curation mechanisms. With a team of long-time experienced bloggers and journalists, we sieve through the blog sphere to discover and bring you great content that would otherwise go unnoticed.

Designed for both readers and publishers

Storipot is what you have been waiting for. Storipot is created by the team from Dignited, a blog that’s about news, reviews and analysis of Technology in Uganda and wider Africa. As enthusiastic readers, we were challenged by how hard it was to easily discover and consume local content. As bloggers, we got disturbed by the the limitations in distributing our own awesome content to as many readers as possible.

Therefore we created Storipot both from the reader’s and publisher’s perspective. For readers, they get the convenience of reading and discovering their favorite content in one place while for publishers or bloggers, they get to widen their distribution channels and reach a wider audience.

The Ugandan bloggers’ community

We could not have done this without the cooperation and support of the Ugandan bloggers’ community. When we set out to find a solution to this daunting challenge of finding local content, we leaned on the support of the community where we crowd-sourced data entry. The response was remarkable. Over 200 blogs were submitted in under 3 weeks. It's these blogs we used to create Storipot.

We will still continue to count on the community in our product development cycle. That’s why we have included a “submit” feature which will enable more bloggers to submit their blogs to us. We shall also feature great content from the community among other initiatives we shall keep you informed about.

Meet the Team

Storipot is developed and currently run by a team from Dignited. The team which includes long-time bloggers David Okwii, Onyait Odeke, Frank Odongkara and Daniel Mwesigwa who bring with them vast experience and deep understanding of new and emerging digital media.

However, we also seek to expand on our team. If you love to explore and experiment(yes, we love that) on new ways that users can find, consume and share media in a vastly mobile, interconnected world, you’re the right candidate. That goes for bloggers, journalists, Twitteratis, designers, creatives and developers. Just shoot us an email at editorial@dignited.com.


We would love to hear from you. You can send an email to editorial@dignited.com for any inquiries, feedback, questions or comments.